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Non-Contact Medical Infrared Thermometer - HG01

Non-Contact Medical Infrared Thermometer - HG01

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Product Details

Non-Contact Medical Infrared Thermometer 

This medical thermometer comes with a full 1-year warranty against any factory faults as well as R1 000 000 product liability cover. 

Medical Device Registration Number: 20202070605

Medical Device Manufacturer License Number: 20200041

Used to protect schools, customers, hospitals, employees and families.

The product can measure the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the forehead of the human body. The user needs to point the detector head at the forehead and press the measurement key to measure the body temperature. 


Temperature Measurement Instructions 

  1. Align the detector 1-5cm from the forehead
    Note: holding the body for a long time may cause the detector to read higher
    ambient temperature, so the test result may be lower than the actual value.
    It is recommended to place the product in the environment when not testing.
    Please try to keep still during the test.
  2. Press the measurement key – The measurement will be completed within 1 second, and a drip will be
    emitted after the test.
  3. View measurement data – The measured value is lower than 32 ℃, Lo character is displayed, yellow light is displayed – after the test, the sound drops to remind. Measured value: 32.0-38.0 ℃, green light is displayed – after the test, the sound drops to remind. Measured value: 38.1-42.9 ℃, red light is displayed – after the test, the sound drops to remind. The measured value is higher than 42.9 ℃, the hi character is displayed, and the red light is displayed – after the test, the sound drops to remind.


Tips for Usage:

  • switching units – Toggle the change-over key to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Read out memory value – Press the up or down key to view the memory test value. In total, a history of 32 tempratures can be viewed. Press the measurement key to exit the view memory interface.


Product features

1 High precision infrared sensor.

2 Strong environmental temperature adaptability. 3.3 Automatically save the last measured value.

3 Large LCD screen, high brightness backlight.

4. Two temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit, are optional.

5. Automatic power-off and energy saving.

6. Clean and sanitary: non-contact forehead temperature measurement, measuring distance 3cm, no contact with human skin, to prevent cross infection.

7. One key measurement, one key memory value check.

8. Multi group memory: it can store 32 groups of measurement data for analysis and comparison.



Measurement Deviation < +- 0.3°C


1 second measurement


Non-Contact temperature measurement 

Service life

3 years

Store data

10 sets of stored data 

Storgae condtions

Ventilation and drying:- 20°C- 55°C

Unit Conversion

°C / °Fcan be converted to each other

Repeated measutement consistency

Consistency <0.2°C

Intented use

To display the temperature of the measured object by measuring the heat of the forehead with an accurate sensing optical system (the risk of cross infection can be avoided without touching the human skin). it is especially suitable for occasions requiring rapid and accurate temperature measurement such as hospitals families, schools kindergartens and stations. 


Normal operating conditions

Ambient temperature 10°C - 40°C
Relative humidty < 85%RH

Power supply voltage 

3V(2AA Size battery)

Measurement range





Within 32°C-34.9°C +-0.3°C
Within 35°C-40.0°C +-0.2°C
Within 42.1°C-42.9°C +-0.3°C

Measuring distance


Automatic shutdown

30 seconds






This product provides you with the temperature measurement method of forehead temperature, but it can’t replaced the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the individual’s temperature is not the same. Please use the memory function to know your daily temperature, and take this as a reference for whether the temperature rises.


Non-Contact Medical Infrared Thermometer - HG01