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2 x Dynagiene Wipes 1000's each

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DYNAGIENE WET WIPES are multipurpose, disposable, and contain Ethanol.

Used for cleaning and disinfecting of all hard surfaces such as shopping trolley handles, shopping baskets, hands and many other surfaces.

Quick, effective disinfecting makes it convenient when dealing with high volumes of people. It's a multi-purpose cleaning wipe that removes dust, dirt, oxides and most contaminants. Each wipe is designed for single-use and should be disposed of after use.

Advantages • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria • No residue. • Fast-acting. • Contain 70% Ethanol. Directions for use Remove tamper seal and remove bucket lid, open the sealed bag to expose disinfectant wipes. Pull the wipes from the centre of the roll, thread the wipe through the opening of the security dispenser lid, Replace bucket lid. Each wipe will automatically tear off when pulled at an angle.

Do not dispose of used wipes in toilets and septic tanks  

What's the Box:

2 x buckets of 1000 wipes each 

2 x Dynagiene Wipes 1000's each